SwissWinds – securing locations

In 2003, Martin Senn started his initial work on founding “SwissWinds”. Four years later at Grimisuat (Valais canton) he founded the company as a start-up of the SME Institute at the University of St. Gallen. He had the newly-founded SwissWinds GmbH entered in the St. Gall commercial register and in 2009; the domicile of the company was transferred to Ulrichen/Obergoms in the canton Valais. 

SwissWinds has secured locations for over 100 wind turbines with a total capacity of 250 MW. 52 of these wind turbines have received the approval for the Swiss feed-in tariff by Swissgrid AG.

At several locations, political clarifications were agreed by primary assemblies and communal levels, and the cantonal government introduced the rezoning. Among others, SwissWinds is currently in the planning phase of the “Griessee” project. The pilot wind turbine at this site is already in operation and producing kWh.

Wind power also permits outlying regions to become energy suppliers and it is thanks to economically-sustainable wind power that peripheral regions have been able to improve their image and reinforce their position. They will become autonomous and finally no longer need to be dependent upon subventions. Because wind farms can offer full annual employment to qualified staff, the labour market in these regions will also improve and the future energy regions are attractive partners for major agglomerations.

Using the slogan of "Tomorrow's Energy", SwissWinds is offering bundled skills to change peripheral regions into energy regions.

«You can’t forbid the wind, but you can build windmills.»

Dutch saying